Monday, October 6, 2014

Chromebooks and the Daily 5

Chromebook Set Up

This year I have been lucky enough to get 7 Chromebooks in my classroom. One is a designated teacher computer for use during reading groups or differentiation groups. The other six are for student use. My goal is to incorporate them into my Daily 5 routines and then move onto other content areas as well. For now I have the kids using them to access predetermined websites. The websites they are currently using are Dreambox Math (district purchased subscrition), Teach Your Monster to Read (Free), and Literactive (Free).  I have created a "dummy" account that the chromebooks are logged in as. This allows me to set up the bookmark bar with links of my choosing. They can even be set up from my Chrombook or computer. You just need to be logged into your dummy account. 

At this point the Chromebooks are a choice. My goal for their use in the near future is to give the kids an assigned time to use the Chromebook. They will also be expected to learn to sign in and work on things like writing through the use of Google Docs or email.