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Technology can also be incorporated into your weekly mini lessons. These mini lessons may include videos, games, picture, activities and more. These activities can be found in  many places. I use YouTube, Think-Central, websites, and Pinterest most often. Below are the directions on how to put links and activities right into a SMART Notebook file. By putting them into one file it is easy to access them and save them for the future.

Journey's Games, Books, and Activities

To incorporate our Journey's lessons into the Daily Five, Think-Central is a great resource. Many of the components can be put into SMART Notebook files for easy access from year to year. These lessons can then be used as your Daily Five mini lessons.

Links in SMART Notebook show up as a blue dot. - Click to Open SMARTNotebook File

Step One for Games and Books
* Log in to Think Central  @

* Click on student eBook and select the book you need.

To Link to Book
*Copy the URL and Paste it into SMART Notebook (you will not have to log in when you use this link)

* You can change what the link says in SMART Notebook by double clicking on the text
* You can't link to a specific book but if you use the table of contents getting to the story is easy. To do so click the top left button that looks like a piece of paper with a list. 

To Link to a Destination Reading Game
* Click on the story for the week in which you are working by using the table of contents.

* Click on the Destination Reading button at the top of the screen it looks like a red and blue square.

* Click on the game in which you would like to link to.
* Copy the link for the game and paste it into SMART Notebook.

* Double click the text to rename the link.
* You will not have to login to play the game

How to Insert an Activity

* Log in to Think Central just like above.
* Click on the student practice book, projectables, or any other online tool.
* Find the page you want to insert.
* Take a picture of the page you want to insert using the capture feature.
* Be sure that you check the "capture to new page" box when capturing multiple pages.
* You can also use the capture feature with the CD's that came with our Journey's materials. (I prefer this method for the activity pages)

YouTube Videos

* YouTube has thousands of video that you can incorporate into your mini lessons. You can find them through the search bar or on Pinterest.
* Once you have found a video you would like to use. Copy and paste the URL into your SMART Notebook file.

* Double click the text to rename the link.

Chicken Jane - Short e

Website Games

* You can also link to a game that you find on a website. A list of websites that you can use are listed in the computer section.
* Once you have found a game that you would like copy and paste the URL into SMART Notebook just like with the YouTube video.

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