Implementing the Daily Five Video

- Recorded Videos Using a Camera/Video Camera
- Used Windows Movie Maker to Create Video
-Narrated Timeline using Microphone Headset (does not work with the Live version)
-Uploaded to YouTube
- We watch this video as a refresher when needed throughout the year

Note: Movie maker does not work with MP4 files from ipads/iphones. 


Video Creator App
iMovie - $4.99
This is a great app to create quick videos. You can make videos to introduce The Daily Five, review The Daily Five, or the kids can use it during their Daily Five choices. Below you will find a video created with the iMovie app.

This app can also be used to make a book trailers. Kids can turn their favorite book into a trailer to share with their classmates, family, and friends. In the lower grade levels this could be done as a whole group activity.

iMovie Book Trailer
-This movie trailer was made using iMovie. :)

Listening to Reading Video
- Created Using iMovie App
-Videos and Pictures taken on iPhone

- Animoto can be used to make a quick video with pictures. There are templates you can choose from and all you have to do is upload the pictures. As an educator you can apply for a free educator account and create an unlimited amount of videos for free. 

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