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iPad Apps

During The Daily Five there are many apps that can be used for working with words. Below you will find a variety of apps that you may want to try out in your classroom. There are some app for lower elementary and some for upper elementary as well.  The fourth grade team at HC was kind enough to help me out with apps for the older grades as well as some of the sites and other information on this blog. :) Many of these apps can also be used with multiple ages and the difficulty can be adjusted. You can also click here for a list of my favorite 1st grade apps for all subject areas.

- I tried to put the lower ele. towards the top and upper ele. towards the bottom.

Tips: Take the time to teach each app to the kids. Use a VGA adapter to project your iPad (2nd gen. or higher).

- For the mini or iPad 4 use this link for the lightning connector.

Word Magic - $0.99

Build  a Word - Free

Word Wall HD - $1.99

Word Bingo - $0.99

Word Cub - $1.99

Alphabet Car - Free 

Cimo Spelling Sight Words - Free (or $2.99)

Cimo Can Spell (Sound Out) - Free (or $2.99)

Louie's Letter - Free

Montessori Crosswords - $2.99

Read on Sight - Free

Monkey Word - $1.99

Magnetic Alphabet - $1.99

Spellboard - $4.99

Rocket Speller - Free

Sock Puppets - Free

Little Speller - Free

Sparkle Fish - Free

PBS Kids - Free

Spelling City - Free

Chicktionary - Free

Shake a Phrase - $1.99

Story Lines - Free

Opposite Ocean (Antonyms)- $.99

Grammar Fun - Free

Story Wheel - $ 2.99

Puppet Pals - Free

Toontastic - Free

Madlibs - Free

Word Wit

Word Ball $1.99


Whirly Word - Free

Word Latter

Site Speller

App Organization 

Keeping the apps you would like your  kids to use organized can be a challenge. Here are some ideas for how you can organize and manage your apps. 

- Create 2-3 pages your kids can use during Daily Five time. I have one page for reading, math, and writing. They can't use apps that are not on those 3 pages. 

- Move the app(s) that you would like your students to use to the bottom task bar.

- Create a couple folders with the apps that the kids may use. Put these folders on one page so they are easy to find. 

Additional Ideas

Use an overhead projector. Believe it of not my kiddos LOVE using the overhead projector during word work. I project it onto the small whiteboard in my room and the kids use overhead tiles or letters to build words. They can then trace the words with markers or write the words into their journal. 


  1. How did you get the screen with the birds on the rope for the app organization?

    1. I want to know too!!! Such a cute way to organize the apps!!

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  3. Free is life! lol The tablet market may have cooled down from its heyday of several years ago, but Apple's iPad remains the must-have tablet. Its portability, massive screen and impressive specs make it a great platform for productivity apps, media players, social media tools and everything else in between.

    -Daphne D.