Listening to Reading

Listening to Reading

There are many different types of technology that you could use for listening to reading in your classroom. Below you will find some of these technologies, their approximate cost, where to find books, and tips. 

MP3 Player $10 and Up
Pros:  Low cost and ease of file transfer
Cons: Tend to be complicated to use, lots of buttons, low quality, students not always engaged in story

iPod Shuffle  $44 and Up
Pros: Good quality, easy to use, playlists
Cons: High price, initially more complicated to transfer files to iTunes, students not always engaged in story

* Best price is at Walmart

The above video will help you set up you iPod using iTunes! 

iPad $328 and Up              iPod Touch   $199 and Up
Pros: Students engaged in story, high quality graphics
Cons: Cost, iPads and iPods have other potential uses, stories may include distracting elements
CD Player $20 and Up
Pros: Cost
Cons: CD's get scratched, take up more space
Belkin Rockstar- Headphone Splitter

These are a great accessory to have in your classroom. I suggest one for each device that you own. This will then allow more than one student to listen to a story at the same time. They can also be used for word work games, writing, and much more!

Price: Approximately $15                  
Can be found at and Kohls



Listen to stories online at:

Tumble Books via The Brown County Library

Apps for Listening to Reading:

- Scholastic Storia
- MeeGenius
- Dr. Seuss
- Nook Kids
- Bookster
- iStorytime
- Stella Books
- Storychimes

Purchase CD's or MP3 version of books:

-  Scholastic Book Clubs (See Saw & FireFly) - Rip CD's to Window media player or iTunes library

Borrow from the library through Overdrive:
Find the audio version of a book you already own and download the MP3

- Brown County Library (Login = library card #   password = Last 4 of phone #)
- WDP Library  (Login = network login  Password = wdpwdp1)

Borrow book on CD sets from your library

Record your own stories:

Use a microphone or iPad to record the kids or yourself reading. Put the readings on MP3 player for your listening center.

Headset Microphones- Available in Library

Learning Resources Microphone - Available in the Library

Quick Voice App
Record reading using the Quick Voice app and then e-mail the file or listen to it from the iPad. 

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