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There are many apps available that can be used for writing and creating. Below you will find a list of tips as well as a list of apps and how they could be used. The best part of these apps is that they are productivity apps instead of drill and practice.


- Project your iPad to teach kids how to use each app (see word work).
- Make one student an "expert" so when another student has a question they can go to that student instead of interrupting reading groups or interventions. 
- Give students goals for how long a story should be and limit how many they can have at one time. If you aren't specific they may have too many projects at once and never finish.

All Prices Below my have changed since the creators occasionally adjust the price. Check the app store to confirm the current price. Prices were last updated on August 14th, 2014. 


My Story  $3.99

This is a great app for students to create their own books. Kids can draw, import pictures, type, and more. This app could be used by children of any age. Books can he uploaded to iBooks, e-mailed, and downloaded. You can also record voice in these stories. The sound will transfer with the story to iBooks and  online.


Sky Writer  $0.99
This app can be used for writing words or sentences. Kids could practice their spelling words, words to know (sight words), or practice writing sentences. After the plane is done writing you can save the image to your pictures and e-mail it.


Type Drawing    $1.99
This app can be used to make pictures with words. For example you can type in the word banana and then draw a banana with the word banana. As you slide your finger across the screen the word(s) you typed will show up and repeat until you stop. This can be done with one word, multiple words, or a sentence. The font can be changed as well as the size and color. I think this would be fun to use for writing poetry! 

- Tip: If you rotate the iPad it will not rotate the way the words type. If the words appear to be not typing in order rotate the iPad. 


Story Buddy  $2.99

This is the original version of the story buddy app. It suggests this app for use on the iPad 1. I have it on all of my devices as well as Story Buddy 2 that is listed below. That way we can have 10 books going per device at any given time (5 each). With this version you can draw, import pictures, change fonts, change colors, and export the files. To export you can e-mail a PDF or use file sharing.

- To read, edit, or share books tap on the book in the library
- To add a new book tap the + in the right hand corner
- You may want kids to put the title as their name so you know who's story it is

Click on Pic to Read Story


This is a great app for kids to use to create books. This version includes: backgrounds, voice recording, font choices, ability to import pictures, drawing, e-mailing books (PDF format- no sound included), exporting to iBooks, and more. You can have up to 5 books going at a time. Each book can have up to 15 pages including the cover. 

- To read/listen to books tap on the book in the library. 
-To edit tap the pencil on the bottom left.
- To change the title or author tap the name under the book cover on the library page.
- File sharing is not available in lite version
- Sound does not transfer with the story from Story Buddy

Click Pic to Read Story

Click Pic to Read Story


Motivational Poster - $1.99

This app can be used to write captions underneath pictures. It can be done in landscape or portrait view.  All you will need is a picture from your photo library. You can then create a poster with two lines of text.  You could use these for writing sentences, reader's response, creating captions, encouraging students, describing book characters, and much more! Files can be shared via e-mail or twitter.

Beanie Baby Comprehension Strategies
PBIS Lesson
Character Traits



Draw Stars   FREE

Draw with stars is an app that can be used for many things. We often use it to practice writing our spelling words and words to know. You can also use it to write longer things like sentences if you male the stars smaller. To change colors and sizes tap on the globe. 


PostPad $1.99

Post Pad is an app that you can use to create postcards and cards. These postcards can be created and e-mailed to real people or they can be created as a book project. For example the kids could make a postcard to send to a book character. 

Send Postcards to Real People via E-mail
Send Post Cards to Book Characters

Show Me -Free
ShowMe is a white board app that can be used for recording many things. It records voice, sound, and drawing at the same time. You can also import picture from the camera roll and photo stream.  Show Me's can  be uploaded to their website and shared. Below I have an example of a ShowMe that has been embedded into the blog. 

There are also some additional apps that are very similar to ShowMe: Whiteboard App, Educreations, and ScreenChomp. They are all free as well. Jen Zurawski made this website explaining each of these apps.



Educreations is very similar to ShowMe however it does have some differences.  In Educreations you can add pictures easily from the web and type. It worked great for our All About Me books.



Doodlecast  - $2.99

This app is great for non-writers or beginning writers. Students can narrate and illustrate a story. You could also then use their ideas and words from this app and have them try to write it out on paper too!


Strip Designer $2.99
This is a great app for the kids to be creative and come up with story lines to create comic strips. Pictures can be imported from your photos or taken with the camera right in the app. There are a variety of layouts to choose from with the ability to use multiple pictures per comic strip. You can also include captions through the use of voice bubbles, thinking bubbles, boxes, or pre-made labels.


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